Monday, December 3, 2012

2 Everything Will Be Ok

One of the things that I've constantly been reminded of my entire life has been, "Todo va salir bien."

Family members, friends, and people I've run into have always, for some reason or another, told me those four little words. There's nothing complex about the meaning. You really have to take it as it is. It's as simple as that. But to really feel it is something entirely different and difficult to do. 

My mom especially favors those words. The ever optimist, constantly reminds me that no matter how hard the obstacle there's always a solution. Since my way of thinking is naturally geared more towards the pessimistic side, she was my reminder on how I just have to believe that all will be well. 

Faith. It's just trusting that somehow and some way, the situation will right itself the way it's supposed to. After years and years of hearing those words, finally at the ripe ol' age of thirty, I'm managed to completely embrace their meaning: everything really does come out okay. 

Now, my friends complain about how I'm always telling them that very saying that used to make me roll my eyes. I guess they think that I don't understand their situation. I guess they feel that I've never gone through what they've gone through. True. We all face different hardships but that feeling of hopelessness, of being lost...I've been there. And I found that at the end, things end up the way they have to. Sure, most of the time it's not the way we want them....but it's the way we need them to be. Most of the time, we'll realize that it turned out better than we expected. 

Is my life perfect? Of course not. But I spent a lot of time sulking in a very dark place. It's taken me quite a while to right my own wrongs and accept the situation the way it is. But I've made progress. I imagine it'll be an ever constant struggle but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?

Believe and know, that when it feels as if there's absolutely no way life will ever feel normal again, there will come a day when it will all make sense and everything will eventually turn out okay. 


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