Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Here we go again....


Okay, so I lied about coming back. Just when you think you're ready, Life just laughs and says 'not yet, buddy'. 

I took a stroll through my blog recently and saw how light-hearted it was; how the randomness of my daily life entertained me so much. I can't deny it provided me with enough material to feed my writing for a couple of years. More than anything the blog had been my therapy. No one can fully understand just how much I was able to repair and grow through making fun of my life. Otherwise, I'm sure I would have gone crazy. But...I always felt like I was writing to impress someone. I mean, the sentiment behind the writing was genuine, but it didn't come completely from me, me. If that makes any sense at all. 

And that leads me to this, the tone of the blog is taking on a change. Of course I'll still make fun of my life but it won't be the same. It's been maybe four years since I've written a real post for my blog and I feel the need to start again. Perhaps to help me make better sense of my life and help me focus on building something better for myself. 

Four years....a lot has changed. I'm older. My kids....yeah, you read that right, my daughter now has her partner in crime, have grown up a bit. And then there's Life, who has never managed to let me forget that I am not in control of anything. 

My return to blogging post is going to be a letter. I'm including the warning because it's not going to be nice and it's going to be ugly. Unfortunately, I feel it completely necessary. It's my closure. So I'll be posting it tomorrow evening. Sadly, the person it's intended for will probably never read it but it's more for me than anything else. 

More importantly, I'm finally back. 

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