Monday, April 8, 2013

Mid-Life Crisis?!

As I sit here drinking my chamomile tea, I reflect on what my life has become. I'm pretty happy with all that's happened. Do I regret anything? Nah. Learned a couple of hard lessons but I wouldn't take them back. But what's on my mind right now isn't the past, it's the future....

I was talking with a friend today and I guess the same thing was on our mind....Is this it? Is this what our lives are destined to be? Yea, can you believe it, having a mid-life crisis at 30. It kinda feels that way.

I'm not complaining. I have a job I love and it's afforded me the ability to provide for my daughter, but do I plan on staying there forever? I read a couple of years back that a person changes careers at least seven times in their lifetimes. I'm still at number one. Do I have plans on going back to school? Do I want to venture into something else? What do I wanna do? These are the questions that have kept me up at night recently.

Stability. That's the main reason why I've hesitated on making any move. Frankly, I'm scared. But I think I have a greater fear of realizing, at the end of my life, that I never did anything exciting. Like I told a friend recently, I wanna feel alive. I want adventure. I want material to blog about. I'm sure you've all noticed how scarce the posts have been....I don't have anything to rave or complain about. :(

It's all in my hands, I know, I know. Baby steps. In order to help me get jump started on my uncharted adventures, I'm gonna start reading the book, The Secret. An ex-bf of mine swore by this book. He even listened to an audio reading of it while he slept....yes, there were many reasons why that relationship didn't work...BUT, that's beside the point. Perhaps there is something to positive thinking (duh). First thing on my to-do list is: change my lifestyle. As to how, I'm not entirely sure yet. It's a plan in the making. I'll let y'all know what I come up with.

As for right now, I'm gonna finish my tea and go to sleep. Tomorrow's another day with the possibility for new beginnings. At least that's what I'll chant until I fall asleep.

Ah, but I do have a certain something that's been on my mind for a while already. I've been working on that entry for a while and I'll post it up manaña.

Buenas noches. :)


KeyRose said...

I never thought about what I wanted to be when I was in school. Then when I went into the health care field, it was a struggle because I never envisioned having a long-term career in patient care. I was always thinking about doing something else. But here I am twenty years later and really enjoying what I do, and grateful for what I've been given and what I've accomplished.

I still have dreams of venturing into other things, and my blog is an extension of that. However, I'm working on another project right now that has the potential to take me into a totally different arena. If I really focus on this, I can probably see myself leaving my job, and blog behind. Or perhaps I can offer some time to all of them. Who knows.

I think what you're feeling is totally natural. You just need to find what it is you're passionate about and seek it out in some fashion. I wish you luck.

Furniture in Life said...

Thanks for your kind words, Mr. KeyRose.

Life's all about taking risks, huh?

Good luck on your ventures too...but don't give up the blog. Make sure you have time for that.